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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our new Alpaca guard dogs - Great Pyrenees / Akbash Puppies!!

I was beginning to think it never would happen…finding just the right dogs at just the right time. We wanted puppies so we could socialize them with the alpacas and with the barn kittens without any issues. When I finally found “the ones,” it meant an impromptu trip and seven hours of driving to Trinidad, Colorado – almost to the New Mexico line!

They came from a litter of 10 and were the last spotted ones. Driving them home, I was listening to my favorite Elton John album, “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboys”. Well, we have a lot of dirt and Ken is certainly now a cowboy, so “Captain” and “Cowboy” they became.

Captain is very outgoing and after just two days has learned how to “shake”. Cowboy is still very shy, but he is coming around, and hey, it does feel good when those human things rub behind my ears. The puppies do love to chase the kitties, Silver and Peaches, but the kitties (who are more like cats these days) are learning it is all in play. Perhaps this weekend we’ll have some warmer weather and I can get a video of all of the fun.

Most importantly, Captain and Cowboy curl up at night with the momma and baby alpacas, and everyone, including us, sleep well at night knowing these little (much bigger by the day!) guys are soon to be our alpaca guardians as well as well-loved members of the family.

See you next time, with more barn buddy updates!

Carla & Ken Paton